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An Experiential Guide to Improv(ing) Your Character

The I is for Instinct
Having trouble with trust? Improv starts with trust. To get it, you have to give it, and you have to have it. The first step is to rely on your instinct, mentally and physically.

The M is for Mythology
Any character you play, whether in a thirty second scene or long form, has a journey to identify who they are and what they represent to an audience. Discovering what your journey is defines that first step in making that accessible to onstage characters.

The P is for Play
Were you an athlete? A problem solver? Did you make up games from scratch? Explore the core of your childhood play and apply it to you day to day.

The R is for Recall
Memory & Recall are two huge components of Improvisation and Character that are often lost. Listening, Focusing, and Reincorporation all for under this umbrella.

The O is for Objective
The AC-TING portion of the workshop. What do you want, not what do you need. What are you passionate about?

The V is for the Variables
You are your own physical constant surrounded by a plethora of variables: support, agreement, rhythm, expectations, vulnerability... How do you stay present to accept them all as they come into play?

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char·ac·ter       ˈkerəktər/         noun
1. the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual.
2. the quality of being individual, typically in an interesting or unusual way.


To explore the creation of the collective.

To build trust through the power of agreement.

To expand personal awareness

To establish an approachable presence.

To place focus on the moment of interaction.

To define who you are, what you want, & where you’ve been.

To channel an unaltered creative impulse.

To discover the extraordinary.

To free the imagination.

To make a statement.

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